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  • Il Leccio Farm

The Farm Fattoria Il Leccio is situated among the hills of Fiesole and offers a panoramic view of the Valle del Mugnone, of Fiesole and part of Florence, through gently slopping hills of well tended olive trees.
Since the early 1900's The Fattoria Il Leccio has been producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The Passigli family, owner of the property for four generations , over the years has been a promoter of cultural events with a particular interest in music. The many distinguished guests, such as Benedetto Croce , Bernard Berenson, Krishnamurti, in addition to the well known representatives of the music world, Arturo Toscanini, Pablo Casals, Arthur Rubinstein, Andres Segovia and many others have been able to appreciate the excellent quality of the oil produced in the Farm.
The Farm nowdays is still family-run and since 1994 the production is entirely organic. Besides the oil you can taste the honey and various fruit preserves harvested in the land of the farm.
Since 2010 three independent apartments have been restored for agrituristic reception.
Guests can appreciate the care and taste of the apartment settings, that follow the family and cultural tradition.
During their stay guests are usually invited by the family for a drink in the garden with a taste of the farm products with a glass of good wine in friendly conversation .
After the summer season, the Farm aims to provide guests with guided hikes and biketours through the hills of Fiesole and with the participation and sharing of the most significant moments of the Farm life such as the olive harvest and pressing.
The Farm can also advise the guests on the main cultural events during their stay as well as provide reservations and tickets to the performances.
The Farm's products are sold in the Farm and can be shipped all over the world with special packaging