• Fashion & Design Walk

Half day € 60,00
Florentine Experience Shopping

This is our shopping walk through creative fashion boutiques of unusual or emerging designer brands.

For those who dream of owning the finest leather accessories such as shoes and handmade bags we will directly visit their creators. We will observe the goldsmith who still continues techniques from the past to create jewels with a modern twist using silver, gold and precious stones. Try the emotion of the fascinating and seductive world of perfume in a true olfactory journey inside a laboratory, unique of its kind. Enter the imaginative world of a designer famous for her colourful bijou of inimitable taste and style. We have the opportunity to visit two young designers with their unusual creations of earrings made with antique lace from the end of 19th century, handmade braid and embroidered bobbin lace and their reversible bags made of vintage fabric each one a unique handmade piece and dresses made from vintage silk scarves. We will meet the handbag designer in his studio located inside an old palace with its own beautiful garden, the hat maker, one of the last still selling the famous straw hats of Florence which originated in the 16th century. We can feel the texture of the purest and softest sweaters in cashmere.

We will explore a “Concept Store” specialising in clothing with an original touch, unique and at the same time ethical for its use of natural organic and eco-friendly fibres. Let’s be enchanted by one of the first organic textile fashion companies, from the “Organic Style” which today is an up-coming innovation in the Made in Italy fashion industry.

During our walk we will also visit various workshops and labs where you can watch the artisans at work and at the same time perhaps buy something unique as a reminder of your stay in Florence.

Duration: The walk is about 3-4 hours
Maximum of participants: 8 per walk
Departure: Florence, Piazza della Repubblica, The Pillar 
Accompanist: Maria Bengtsson
Difficulty: Easy
Price: € 60,00 per person


Weekly Timetable

Weekly Timetable – Spring / Summer 2016:

Monday: from 15:30 - 18:30
Wednesday: from 09:30 - 12:30
Friday: from 15:30 - 18:30